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Our Faces

Our church community has been blessed with the many fine members, including Pastor Bob Jones.
Pastor Bob is a native having grown up in the area, and comes to the community with 15 years in the ministry, mainly in the midwest. Bob brings an enthusiastic personality, a sense of humor and a deep and abiding personal faith to the pulpit. The Church is looking forward to a new era of growth and community service under Pastor Bob. The Pastor is the spiritual leader of the Church. His extensive experience, inspiring pulpit presence and enthusiastic personality make worship an enjoyable experience; please join us some Sunday soon!
The Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministries of the Church is a spiritual resource dedicated completely to our youth. Our Director is our own Janet Smith. She comes to the Church from a similar position at the Congregational Church in Othertown. She holds a Masters Degree of Arts in Religious Education from Theological College and a BA in English from University State. She develops the youth groups as well as the overall Sunday School programs. If you are looking for a strong, spiritual program supporting basic family values, please visit our church some Sunday.
Other important church members include:

Rector - The Reverend Tom Doe
Associate Rector - The Reverend Judith Dunn
Pastoral Associate - The Rev. John Boer
Deacon - The Rev. Dede Jones
Music Minister - Randy Dandy
Office Administrator
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Sunday Worship
9 a.m.

Sunday School
9-10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, all day