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Being together with other members of our church family is important to us. We believe activities that bring Christians together on a social basis are important part of total Christian growth. These are a few of our programs:

Sunday Coffee Hour follows the 10:00 AM service and is an opportunity for visitors and parishioners to become acquainted.

Meeting Groups are small groups of parishioners who meet in each other's homes five times during a 5-month period for a meal and conversation. Meeting Groups are a great way for both newcomers and long-time parishioners to become acquainted.

The Good Word, our parish newsletter, is published monthly. It is mailed to all parishioners and interested visitors. The church also publishes a Church Directory.

Men of Christ meet the first Monday of each month (except during summer months) for dinner and a program featuring talks by religious, educational and business leaders.

Parish Events, such as Pentecost and St. Francis picnics and the Twelfth Night Party, occur throughout the year as we celebrate our life and ministry together.
The Annual Church Retreat is a popular event that includes time for play as well as worship and learning.

The Picnic Gathering, Family Night Suppers and Soup and Salad Luncheons are occasions when we join together to share food and fellowship.

Prayer groups, visitation of the sick and shut-ins, support of those in need, and individual acts of love and kindness. In our daily lives we share the love of God with those with whom we come in contact.

Special outreach programs include Homeless Days, The Food Pantry drives, Thank Offerings, and offerings for special needs.

The Church Music Program consists of adult and children's choirs, bell ringing groups of mixed ages, and instrumental music from talented parishioners, playing in various venues year-round.

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Sunday Worship
9 a.m.

Sunday School
9-10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, all day